Make a Memorial Gift

Donations made to ODA in memory of someone you love is a remembrance that will make a long-lasting impact for oceans and marine wildlife.

You can create a donation page in tribute of your loved one and share the webpage URL/address with friends, family, in an obituary, or on a funeral home memorial page. Simply, click on the "Create my Memorial Page" button below. Create a login, and once on your new page you can add a photo of your loved one and some words describing why you are asking for donations and what it means to you/your loved one donate to ODA.

If you have any questions about creaing your memorial donationo page, please contact us directly at (714) 875-5881 or e-mail us at
If you prefer to mail a check, please send to: ODA, 19744 Beach Blvd., Box #446, Huntington Beach, CA 92648.

Thank you for your support of ODA which is a meaningful way to show you care about someone... and the ocean!